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Phlebotomy Application


with Leigh Belair

Calendar Current session started Nov 10, 2021
2 additional sessions through Aug 20, 2023

***This is ONLY the APPLICATION. Students must be interviewed and accepted into the course. Upon acceptance the cost of the training will be $1,450.00. 

This course is designed to prepare the entry-level phlebotomist or those individuals seeking a medical career pathway with the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to perform in a medical laboratory environment. The phlebotomy student gains confidence and professionalism in the art of obtaining blood samples for laboratory analysis through repeated hands-on practice and instructor feedback. Students are provided instruction in the areas of communication, medical terminology, proper specimen collection, basic anatomy & physiology, as well as complications and variables surrounding venipuncture. Upon completion of the course students will receive 3 credits through UMPI. The cost for this program is $1450.  Financial assistance is available for those who qualify.

Please review the Phlebotomy packet of information on our website before submitting this application. You also have the option of printing it and submitting a paper application to our office. 

***Preference will be given to those who complete (or start the process of) immunizations prior to the interview. This includes HepB, which takes several weeks to complete. These forms can be found here: Phlebotomy Immunization Forms

Interviews will be done in June of 2023, classes will begin in August of 2023.

All Together Now: The Multigenerational Workforce
Online Registration Unavailable

All Together Now: The Multigenerational Workforce


with MindEdge Instructor

Calendar Current session started Feb 16, 2022

This course, aimed at HR professionals, is designed to promote age diversity in the American economy by highlighting the business advantages of hiring a multigenerational workforce. The course provides practical and strategic guidance for recruiting and retaining workers across the age spectrum. It draws on a wealth of research and analysis conducted by AARP over the years, which HR professionals will find valuable as they seek to include age in their Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion strategies; design age-inclusive compensation and benefits programs; tailor training and professional development opportunities for a multigenerational workforce; and develop strategies to promote knowledge transfer by presenting older workers with alternatives to traditional retirement.

For more info please click on this link:

BHP: Behavioral Health Professional Training


with Jeff Carpenter

Calendar Current session started Mar 1, 2022
1 additional session on Mar 1, 2022


Our community is looking for individuals who want to make a difference in a child’s life.

Children’s Behavioral Health Services are vital to Maine’s children with Intellectual Disabilities, Autism and Mental Health Disorders and their families. And the need in our area is great!

As an integral part of the child’s treatment team, a Certified Behavioral Health Professional (BHP) has the opportunity to make an immediate impact while helping a child grow and develop to their full potential.

We are excited to connect our community to this wonderful ONLINE training program. The online training will equip you to help children who are receiving Behavior Health services. The training will prepare you for employment through local social services agencies. The program can be started at any time and finished at your own pace.

You will complete 12 online modules then 3 4-hour live sessions, including the new ethics and boundaries training.  Once the modules are completed, you will receive free online blood borne pathogen training and virtual First Aid & CPR training if you do not already possess those certifications. The entire training requirements will take about 45 hours. Registration is ongoing till June 30, 2021.

Any individual who will be 18 years of age or older upon completion of the course may register.

The administration fee of $25 is waived for existing SAD1 Adult & Community Education students.

See Blended Learning Curriculum at Woodfords Family Service for more information.

BHP Registration Form

Request for Information: Diploma, HiSET, College Transitions


with Christa Galipeau

Calendar Current session started Aug 10, 2022

This is where your future begins!  Whether you are looking to complete your high school education (diploma or HiSET), wanting to brush off skills for college, or heading toward a career, this is the first step.  During this one-on-one meeting, we will discuss your academic history and current standing, any barriers to progress, and goals; short & long term. We will also give a clear picture of how our program works and what you can expect from us.   

We accept new students throughout the school year! Submit this request for information and we will be in touch!


Medical Coding with CPC Certification (Training Application)


with Academy of Medical Professions

Calendar Current session started Sep 1, 2022

By clicking "Register", you are submitting your information for us to get in touch with you to go over the program details and set you up for this training.  We will discuss financial assistance that's available and how we can help you succeed in the training program. You can start this online program any time! Medical Coding Information Packet

The coding program has several options:

$3,750 Medical Coding (CPC-A Certification)

As a Medical Biller/Coder you are responsible for reviewing the documentation the physicians have provided and assigning the correct diagnosis and procedure codes, entering the necessary information into the patient’s account and submitting the claims to the Insurance Companies.  You are then responsible for tracking and receiving payment from the Insurance Companies and billing the patient when necessary.  You will also be responsible for reviewing any denials and researching to make sure that the claim was submitted correctly the first time.  If any necessary changes can be made, you are responsible for making the changes and following up with the Insurance Companies.

Basic computer knowledge is a must.  Many offices use the Internet and are willing to provide you with their billing programs to install on your home computer allowing you to work from home.

Medical Billers and Coders are in high demand.  Most offices and hospitals find it very difficult to find Medical Billers and Coders and when they do, are willing to provide great pay and benefits.  If you chose to work in the office or hospital, flexible schedules are also possible and they tend to be very accommodating.

As well as working in physician’s offices and hospitals, you can choose to work for Medical Billing Companies, Ambulance Companies and Nursing Homes.

If you complete the course with a satisfactory grade, you will receive a Certificate of Completion from both Medical Billing and Coding as well as a certificate for Anatomy/Physiology and Medical Terminology.  In addition, you will receive a Letter of Recommendation, a list of companies in the field with addresses and phone numbers, and we would be happy to provide a personal reference for you.  Should you decide to take the CPC exam at the end of the course, you will receive a national certificate and a title of CPC-A (apprentice). 

NEW OPTIONAL PROGRAMS:  Please see our Course Descriptions for new program opportunities as well as our newest option to receive a total of 2 years coding experience by taking our Medical Coding program with Practicode!  In just a short time, you are not only certified but you also will have 2 years experience and no Apprentice title as well!

Our instructors are professionals in the industry and can offer you the benefit of their knowledge and experience.

All courses offered either locally at Adult Education Centers, and/or Online Live or through Recorded Classes lectures to be taken at the student’s own pace and time.

TERMINOLOGY COURSE This course is included in the following programs: Coding, Transcription, and CMAA. Online anytime.

CODING PROGRAM Start Dates: 10/13/22 (Thursdays) or online anytime; 20 week program.

PRACTICODE COURSE Start Dates: Online anytime; 6 to 10 week program.

MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL PROGRAM Medical Office Specialist: Start Dates: 10/12/22 (Wednesdays) or online anytime; 16 week program then you will complete the Coding program. Coding Program: After completing the Terminology and Medical Office Specialist program: See dates above for coding.

Medical Office Specialist Training Application


with Academy of Medical Professions

Calendar Current session started Sep 1, 2022

By clicking "Register", you are submitting your information for us to get in touch with you to go over the program details and set you up for this training.  We will discuss financial assistance that's available and how we can help you succeed in the training program. You can start this program any time! Medical_Office_Specialist_Information_Packet

The cost of this training is $3,200 for Medical Office Specialist (CMAA & CPB) and $6,300 for Medical Professional (CMAA, CPB & CODING)

VA, GI Bill, MYCAA, Aspire, Department of Labor, DHHS, vouchers are accepted for payments.

A Medical Administrative Assistant is a versatile professional.  The duties that are performed vary not only from office to office but even within the same office.  Medical Administrative Assistants perform routine duties within the offices of many types of health professionals, including physicians, chiropractors, cardiologists and others.  In addition, individuals can accomplish various jobs in the hospital environment, and some are employed by freestanding emergency centers and surgery centers.

Opportunities for Certified Medical Administrative Assistants are growing because of the constant change within the medical profession and the surge of cross-training, which means that one individual is trained to do a variety of duties.

Certified Medical Administrative Assistants greet patients as they arrive, obtain basic registration information, assemble patient’s medical records, office accounting, filing, handle all correspondence and scheduling of outpatient procedures, consultations and appointments.  In addition, they must have a basic knowledge of procedure and diagnostic coding, the ability to complete insurance forms and to determine insurance coverage and limitations for the patient.

This certification program will teach you the practical real-world skills essential for success in the healthcare field.  This completely inclusive course consists of Medical Terminology, Medical Front Office Skills, EHR/EMR for the Medical Office and the Administrative Medical Assistant.  You will learn MedTrak electronic records system used in many medical offices.  In addition, upon completion of all courses, you will sit for your CMAA (Certified Medical Administrative Assistant) Examination and CBCS (Certified Billing Specialist) through the National Healthcareer Association.

ONLINE RECORDED CLASSES Students wishing to take the online courses by watching the recorded classes may start at any time. Local class schedule is listed below. Live Webex (Zoom) Start Dates: February 23, 2022,Wednesdays 5:30-8:00 PM June 21, 2022, Wednesdays, 5:30-8:00 PM October 11, 2022, Wednesdays 5:30-8:00 PM.

Medical Transcription Certificate Program (Training Application)


with Academy of Medical Professions

Calendar Current session started Sep 1, 2022

By clicking "Register", you are submitting your information for us to get in touch with you to go over the program details and set you up for this training.  The cost for this training is $2650. We will discuss financial assistance that's available and how we can help you succeed in the training program. You can start this online program any time! Medical Transciption Information Packet

Medical Transcription is the process of turning dictated medical information into typed records through the use of various types of equipment, such as micro-cassette recorders, Wav files, telephone systems and C-phones. As a Medical Transcriptionist, you are responsible for receiving verbal information and typing that information into a word processing program, such as Microsoft Word or Word Perfect. This information must be transcribed accurately, using the format specified by the provider (SOAP notes, discharge summaries, and other report forms) Basic computer knowledge is a must, as are basic typing skills and knowledge of commonly used word processing programs.

Most doctors or transcription companies ask for a minimum of 80 WPM, computer, and English grammar skills are essential. Also, many companies now use the Internet, which gives you the opportunity to work out of your home without having to drop off and pick up tapes. Our program now offers you the opportunity to learn how to use the internet and transcribe files through voice files, using FTP and Byte scribe/Express Scribe and foot pedals that connect to your computer. Our objective is to make sure you understand all the types of equipment that are out there for transcribing across the country.

Our course is State Licensed, Insured and bonded and all instructors are at-home medical transcriptionists that will be sure to show you all the tricks of the trade that we personally use. We provide you with a list of job openings while going through the course and will keep in contact after graduation to make sure you are following through with the directions that were given in class regarding finding jobs and where to send your resume. Our website has a message board and job openings will be posted for your convenience, as well as a convenient way to ask questions as you are going through the program.

Medical Transcription is a profession that can also lead to other avenues of transcription. Most jobs provide good pay and benefits, with the opportunity to have an extremely flexible schedule and work environment. You can choose to work at home or in an office, providing services to professionals, such as medical providers, hospitals, insurance agencies, law offices, and physical therapy practices. You are not held to work just in your state. You can work all over the country from your home thanks to technology that is taught in our program.

If you complete the course with a satisfactory grade, you will receive a Certificate of Completion, a Letter of recommendation, a list of companies in the field with web site addresses and phone numbers, and we would be happy to provide personal references. Our instructors are professionals in the industry and can offer you the benefit of their knowledge and experience.

This program is 16 weeks to 6 months depending on the student's choice of breaking up the program. 

**This is an online only class**


Culturally Responsive Pedagogy in the Divers Classroom


with Lern Partnership

Calendar Current session started Oct 12, 2022

Educators and psychologists know that learning is significantly affected by factors such as stress, anxiety, self-image, cultural expectations and societal expectations. The increasing number of students diverse backgrounds in today’s classrooms introduces a tremendous diversity of lived experience which influences how students learn. In today’s public schools, the majority of teachers, 80% are white, and the majority of learners are students of color. This fact alone suggests a strong potential for a cultural and communication gap between teachers and their students. Research findings confirm that black students face significant challenges to their learning as a result of unconscious bias and lack of cultural awareness on the part of teachers. It is well documented that black students, particularly boys, are more likely to be on the receiving end of disciplinary action, more likely to be suspended from school, and are at greater risk of failing than are other students. It is also well documented that black children are perceived to be older than white children of the same age and are more likely, as a result, to have expectations for behavior that are developmentally inappropriate. These factors, along with micro-aggressions that are common, and sometimes racially motivated aggression by peers render the learning environment for black students fraught with challenges that may be unseen or unrecognized by educators.In this course, we will examine the factors that come together to create unique challenges to black students in the classroom and explore ways in which teachers can minimize those challenges and support school success for all students.

For more info please click here.

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