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MindEdge Studio: Introduction to Drawing
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MindEdge Studio: Introduction to Drawing


with MindEdge Instructor

Calendar Current session started Apr 4, 2023

Drawing is a foundational skill that can aid in the development of other creative pursuits. Painters, architects, woodworkers, gardeners, and designers all benefit from honing their drawing skills. But drawing is also an art form in its own right, and learning how to draw can help unlock one's creative potential. Many benefits associated with drawing include increased focus and relaxation, improved creativity and problem solving, and greater hand-eye coordination. In this course, you'll learn the basics of drawing, including how to practice and implement the basic elements of drawing and how to develop a regular habit of drawing and sketching.

For more info please click this link.

Fiber Arts


with Andrea Drabek

Calendar Current session started Jan 10, 2024

Do you love to crochet or knit but don't want to do it alone?  Do you need help with a project?  Or do you want to learn how to make something for yourself?  Let us help you!!!

We are offering a crochet and knitting lab.  This is for anyone who loves to crochet or knit and wants to learn.  Our instructor is amazing!  Let us know what you want to learn to make and we will find a pattern and she can teach you.  If you just want to drop in for 1 night and get help on a project, it will only cost you a $5 drop in fee.  Or do you want to hang out all 19 weeks and chat while working on projects, no problem!


Crayon Sun Catchers


with Melissa Corbin

Calendar Next available session starts Feb 26, 2024 at 3 pm

Students will have so much fun making these colorful sun catchers!  They can choose from 1 color to a rainbow of colors.   We will have several different designs they can choose from stars, hearts, circle and several more.  

This is open to students in 1st grade up. 

Mandala Dots for Kids


with Melissa Corbin

Calendar Next available session starts Feb 27, 2024 at 3 pm

Mandala comes from the Sanskrit word 'Mandal' meaning circle. ... It is a circular symmetrical design with repetitions of patterns, that create an illusion of motion.

We will be practicing on paper how to make designs.  Once students are comfortable with the tools and design making we will move on to a canvas.  

All materials for this class will be provided for the students.  They will want to bring a snack.  Class will go from 3:15 to 5pm.

Beginner's Quilting


with Amber Lento

Calendar Next available session starts Feb 28, 2024 at 6 pm

In this introductory class Amber will teach you a few basics of sewing such as how to thread the machine and cutting the fabrics.  You will be making an Adventrue Land Quilt.

What you will need for class:

2 yds fabric A

2 yds fabric B

1 1/2 yds fabric C

1 1/2 yds fabric D

1 1/2 yds fabric E

1 yd fabric F

1 yd  fabric G

2 yds fabric H

OPTIONAL: 1 yd border

3 yds Batting

3 yds backing fabric

1 spool of thread

1 skein of yarn

(The skein of yard and thread will show up on your quilt top.)

Sewing machines are provided but if you want to bring your own, you are welcome to.



Intermediate Quilting


with Amber Lento

Calendar Next available session starts Feb 28, 2024 at 6 pm

Do you have some knowledge of sewing?  Join our Intermediate quilting class and learn how to make a Disappearing Strip Triangle Block Quilt.  Amber will help you navigate this design!

For this quilt you will need:

3 yds of fabric A

3 yds of fabric B

OPTIONAL border: 1 1/2 yds

3 1/2 yds batting

3 1/2 3yds backing fabric

1 spool of thread 

1 skein of yarn

(The thread and yarn will be showing on your quilt top).

We will have sewing machines provided but if you would like to bring your own please do.

Layered Wood Art


with Laura McPherson

Calendar Next available session starts Mar 2, 2024 at 10 am

Join us for a fun morning of painting layers of wood to make a true art statement!  We will be focusing on Maine for our first class.  You can have a lighthouse, with a Moose, bears, or deer. 

Class is $45.  Once you register you will receive an email with the payment information for paypal.

We are limited 10 students.  Everything will be provided to make the lovely work of art.

Price says "free" because you will not be paying us, you are paying the teacher directly.




with Melissa Corbin

Calendar Next available session starts Mar 4, 2024 at 6 pm
2 additional sessions through Mar 18, 2024

This class will teach you how to make shelf sitters, bookmarks, necklace and earring sets and so much more!

The first class will teach you how to mix the resin, color it and pour.  It takes about 24 hours to cure the resin.  The next class you will come and if it's done you can take it out of the mold and put the finishing touches on it.  

Some people may have a mold that they choose to do 2 different colors. The second class will be pouring the second color.   These make beautiful gifts and is a fun and a little sticky activity to do.

The 3rd class will be for those who need to come in and take their product out of the mold to take home.

Melissa will have dozens of molds to choose from.


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