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MSAD#1 Adult & Community Education

Personal Enrichment

Behavioral Health Professional Training


with Jeff Carpenter

Calendar Current session started Sep 7, 2020


Our community is looking for individuals who want to make a difference in a child’s life.

Children’s Behavioral Health Services are vital to Maine’s children with Intellectual Disabilities, Autism and Mental Health Disorders and their families. And the need in our area is great!

As an integral part of the child’s treatment team, a Certified Behavioral Health Professional (BHP) has the opportunity to make an immediate impact while helping a child grow and develop to their full potential.

We are excited to connect our community to this wonderful ONLINE training program. The online training will equip you to help children who are receiving Behavior Health services. The training will prepare you for employment through local social services agencies. The program can be started at any time and finished at your own pace.

You will complete 12 online modules then 3 4-hour live sessions, including the new ethics and boundaries training.  Once the modules are completed, you will receive free online blood borne pathogen training and virtual First Aid & CPR training if you do not already possess those certifications. The entire training requirements will take about 45 hours. Registration is ongoing till June 30, 2021.

Any individual who will be 18 years of age or older upon completion of the course may register.

The administration fee of $25 is waived for existing SAD1 Adult & Community Education students.

See Blended Learning Curriculum at Woodfords Family Service for more information.

Money Skills on Essential Ed
Registration Unavailable

Money Skills on Essential Ed

Price not

with Christa Galipeau

Calendar Current session started Sep 8, 2020 at 8:30 am

Looking to make a budget for yourself or family?  Interested in improving your credit, saving money or getting a loan?  This online course will walk you through the basics of saving money, making a budget, and how to keep and use good credit.  These tutorials and lessons give you real world examples and can help give you the basic knowledge you need to plan for a more financially stable future.

Students join this class at anytime during the academic year! 

Register with us ONLINE today or call 207-764-4776 to discuss your next steps!


Work Skills on Essential Ed
Registration Unavailable

Work Skills on Essential Ed

Price not

with Christa Galipeau

Calendar Current session started Sep 8, 2020 at 8:30 am

The most asked for training that employers request their employees to have is “soft skills”.  Soft skills include how to work with customers, how to be professional, reliability and problem solving.  This online course will give you a basic understanding of what soft skills are and why they are so important and sought after in the workplace.  Over the series of lessons and tutorials you will learn how to effectively communicate in the workplace, how to become a valued employee and the traits that employers are looking for.  Jump start your next job search or improve your current work environment with this course.

Students join this class at anytime during the academic year! 

Register with us ONLINE today or call 207-764-4776 to discuss your next steps!


Instant Pot - Soup Series


with Lisa Fishman

Calendar Current session started Jan 5, 2021 at 6:30 pm, runs for 4 weeks

Did you receive an electric pressure cooker or an Instant Pot® for the holidays? Have one already but have been afraid to use it? Want to get one but are unsure if it's a good idea? Then this class is for you!

Tune in to join Lisa Fishman, with the University of Maine Cooperative Extension, during the month of January as she demonstrates how to make a variety of soups in the electric pressure cooker. Classes will be held each Tuesday from 6:30-7:30 pm. Lisa will introduce you to the many features of electric pressure cookers. She will show you how to use the various functions, how to cook safely and confidently, and how to clean and store your electric pressure cooker to keep it in tip-top shape.

This four-part series is $20 and includes links to the recipes as well as to other resources from the University of Maine Cooperative Extension. The class will be presented via ZOOM. This is a demonstration style class where participants will listen and watch with the ability to ask questions and discuss with the instructor. You do not need to have an Instant Pot/electric pressure cooker to participate!

A link to the live classes will be provided via email. Recordings of the class will be shared out after each class in the event you need to miss a class or want to watch it again later.

SAGE - U.S. Fleet Submarine in WWII


with David Hobbins

Calendar Next available session starts Jan 26, 2021 at 1:30 pm

The U.S. Navy used 288 diesel submarines in WWII. Most were stationed in the Pacific theater to fight back the advances of the Japanese. Approximately 16 thousand American men served on these ships and suffered the highest fatality rate of any U.S. naval unit. Despite numerous problems with engines and weapons, Fleet Submarines accounted for 55 percent of Japanese merchant and naval ship losses. This is a brief history of the U.S. Navy’s diesel submarine with a focus on the Pacific theater in WWII. Instructor: Dave Hobbins, a retired professor from the University of Maine at Fort Kent.

Contact Tracer Training


with Lern Partnership

Calendar Next available session starts Feb 1, 2021 , runs for 4 weeks

According to the Medscape Coronavirus Resource Center, at least 44 states and the District of Columbia have begun expanding their contact tracing workforce. To help meet the need for training for contact tracers, we are offering this course, based on CDC and public health guidelines.This contact tracer training will provide you with a skill which is in demand in the job market. While taking this training does not guarantee that you will become employed as a contact tracer, the information and skills you learn in the course will provide you with skills necessary to be considered for employment.

Preliminary information indicates that more than 100,000 contact tracers are needed immediately. Contact tracers can earn up to $28 per hour!

Course Length (in hours): 16

This Contact Tracing Training course is a one-month online course to train people to get a job as a contact tracer. Registrations are accepted until the end of the first week of class.  

Course Objectives:

To introduce students to the field of Contact Tracing, provide background information on virus transmission, teach the ethical issues surrounding Contact Tracing, teach communication skills necessary for effective contact tracing, and provide avenues for seeking employment as contact tracers.


  • Unit 1 - Introduction to Contact Tracing
  • Unit 2 - Basics of Covid-19
  • Unit 3 - Ethics & Effective Communication Skills for Contact Tracers
  • Unit 4 - Investigating and Tracing Contacts


How the Online Course Works:

After you register, you will be given a web address to access your online classroom. You will have a password; use your email address and password to gain access.  Once inside the online classroom, you will:

  • Access the online readings, listen to audio presentations and take self-quizzes to see how much you have learned
  • Engage in written online discussion with your instructor and other participants
  • Participate when you want; the online classroom is open 24/7. No live or real time requirements/engagements.


  • Make at least one comment every week in the discussion.
  • Take every Unit self-quiz
  • Finish all requirements by the last day of the course.


Jeff Kritzer has a degree in Health Education from the University of Oregon. He has successfully developed other courses including "Advanced Data Analysis", "Infographics", "Introduction to Coding" and "Advanced Google Analytics". He has a PhD in Education and is currently a Professor in Teacher Education at a leading Midwestern university.

Some FAQs: 

Q. What will individuals be able to do after completing the training?

A. Successful completion will make the individual eligible for employment in a high-demand area. Preliminary reports suggest that 30 contact tracers per 100,000 residents are needed to help prevent further spread of COVID-19.

Q. Will this training be useful after the pandemic is under control?

A.  Yes. Contract tracers are always in demand. There is a need for this work whenever there are outbreaks of illness such as measles, smallpox, flu and other illnesses spread by person-to-person contact. The need is particularly high now due to COVID.

Q. How was the curriculum and training developed?

A.  The curriculum is aligned to specific training guidelines per the Center for Disease Control (CDC). The CDC guidelines are carefully monitored and adjustments are made to training as necessary when there are changes or updates in the CDC guidelines.


This course is offered monthly beginning on the first Monday of the month. If this class doesn't meet your scheduling needs, contact us to be put on the list for a month that does work for you.

SAGE - TED Talks: Democracy


with Alice Bolstridge

Calendar Next available session starts Feb 2, 2021 at 9:30 am, runs for 4 weeks

Using videos and discussion, this course will explore questions about democracy ranging from basic to more complex and thorny issues: What is democracy? Why does it matter? What role does it play in our government? What are the constitutional issues? What are benefits and risks? What are threats to it that pundits keep warning us about? And more as the interests of the class dictate.  

Splinter & Bristles Take and Make Sign Class
Online Registration Unavailable

Splinter & Bristles Take and Make Sign Class

Price not

with Julie Watt

Calendar Next session starts Feb 26, 2021 , runs for 1 week

We are so excited to have Splitners & Bristles back! Use the link to access the kits! Don't forget about custom choices. If there is anything you don’t see, message Julie and she can usually come pretty close to what you want! A little different than in times past- full payment will be made at the time of the order- this is to prevent contact during the pick up process. Thank you so much- I’ll see you “virtually” soon!

Pre-ordered kits will be picked up at the SAD 1 Adult & Community Education office on Friday, February 26th, 2-6 or Saturday, February 27th at 9am. There will be a zoom link included in your kit for Friday evening at 6:00 and again for Saturday morning at 9:00. Julie will have step-by-step instructions and demonstations for you about how to make your sign. You are NOT required to tune in, it is optional! ALL kits come with step-by-step instructions to complete on your own or with your family and friends at a later date.

The deadline to pre-order kits in TUESDAY, February 23rd!!!

Use this link for kit details and to submit your order.


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