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MindEdge Studio: Introduction to Drawing
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MindEdge Studio: Introduction to Drawing


with MindEdge Instructor

Calendar Current session started Feb 16, 2022

Drawing is a foundational skill that can aid in the development of other creative pursuits. Painters, architects, woodworkers, gardeners, and designers all benefit from honing their drawing skills. But drawing is also an art form in its own right, and learning how to draw can help unlock one's creative potential. Many benefits associated with drawing include increased focus and relaxation, improved creativity and problem solving, and greater hand-eye coordination. In this course, you'll learn the basics of drawing, including how to practice and implement the basic elements of drawing and how to develop a regular habit of drawing and sketching.

For more info please click this link.

Crochet Lab


with Andrea Drabek

Calendar Current session started Mar 28, 2022 at 6 pm, runs for 12 weeks
1 additional session on Aug 22, 2022

Do you love to crochet but don't want to do it alone?  Do you need help with a project?  Or do you want to learn how to make something for yourself?  Let us help you!!!

We are offering a crochet lab.  This is for anyone who loves to crochet or wants to learn.  Our instructor is amazing!  Let us know what you want to learn to make and we will find a pattern and she can teach you.  If you just want to drop in for 1 night and get help on a project, it will only cost you a $3 drop in fee.  Or do you want to hang out all 12 weeks and chat while working on projects, no problem!


Cricut Utilization


with LeRae Kinney

Calendar Current session started May 2, 2022

Don't want to buy a Cricut but would love to make a few things like decals, T-shirts, sports bottles, etc?  We can help with that!  

We are offering 30 minute increments at $15 to use our Cricut and space.  You MUST bring your own vinyl.  

You can register online for the use of the Cricut but please email Melissa at or Facebook message us the date and time you would like to use the facilities.

**If you only need 1 item cut the cost is $5 and you can pay when you come to the school.

Our hours are:

Monday & Wednesday 9 am - 8 pm

Tuesday & Thursday 9 am - 3 pm

Friday 9 am - 3 pm

Card Stamp Camp


with Elaine Ouellette

Calendar Next available session starts May 21, 2022 at 12 pm

Elaine is offering a Spring Card Stamp Camp for anyone who is interested.  For only $35 you will be able to select 5 different designs with 6 cards to make for a total of 30 cards --- WOW!!!! All materials will be provided. We encourage you to bring your own cutter and adhesive.

Elaine will also have her scrapbook kits available to purchase which you can also work on, if you choose.

This class will be taught at Adult Education, 79 Blake St. Suite 2, behind the High School.



with Rae Rossignol

Calendar Next available session starts May 25, 2022 at 6 pm

Join us for a fun night of painting.  This gnome will be the talk of the town!  Hang it on a wall, door, etc.  It's perfect for anywhere!


Ceramic: Mason Jars


with Rae Rossignol

Calendar Next available session starts May 26, 2022 at 6 pm

Add a tea light (included) inside of these cute mason jar set. Get a Small (3.25"H x 2.75"Dia), Medium (5.5"H x 3.25"Dia) and a Large (7.5"H x 4.75"Dia).  All materials and paints will be provided, including tea light to illuminate your beautiful ceramic jars!

You will be doing a set of 3 for the price.

Cricut 101


with Rae Rossignol

Calendar Next available session starts Jun 1, 2022 at 6 pm
6 additional sessions through Jun 7, 2023

This class will show you the basics, how to use your cricut and how to get started making simple projects. We will begin with a short tutorial of how to use Cricut Design Space.  

We will complete 1 project: 

     1. Cut a word/name using vinyl and adhere it to a clear water bottle

There are two options for this class, you can be an active participant or a passive observer. 

To be an active participant you MUST bring your device to class (laptop, iPad, tablet) with Cricut Design Space ALREADY downloaded. It is optional to bring your cricut machine but please bring your green cutting mat and any weeding tools you may have. You will need to connect to the Cricut with a cord or by Bluetooth. You can plug into one of ours to cut your projects if you choose not to bring your machine. All of the magic happens on Cricut Design Space!   

To be a passive participant means that you will watch, learn and maybe take notes on how things are done. You will not be able to design your own water bottle and download a project to print and assemble. This is a good option if you simply want to see what a cricut is and how it works before you purchase one for yourself. 

All materials will be provided for you.

*If you need assistance downloading Cricut Design Space, please plan to arrive at class AT LEAST 30 minutes early and notify the adult education office of this need. We are happy to help you! However, please note that we will not use regular class time to walk you through the download. We will assist you with this at the end of the class. You will be able to watch and learn how things work but you will not be able to participate in making the projects on your own.

Farmhouse Serving Tray


with Rae Rossignol

Calendar Next available session starts Jun 1, 2022 at 6 pm

Join Rae of Méméres Designes and learn to make your own Farmhouse Serving Tray.

This can be color matched to your current décor or start a new color trend.  So simple to make, and once you learn how you can make them on your own!  Center support pieces may vary.

All materials for this class will be provided for you.

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